Our Story

Here’s to flavour and all it brings to our lives. It’s how we choose to make our days richer, sweeter, spicier and bolder. And when you’re inspired to create remarkable flavour, great things can happen. For more than 100 years, that’s what The French’s Food Company has been all about. We know you share our passion.

The fact is, meeting your high standards guides everything we do. The journey begins in the fields of the Growers. It continues with the craftsmanship of our Makers. And it culminates in the flavourful dishes and experiences created by the Masters. 

Discover how you can inspire a flavourful life with the help of The French’s Food Company.

Our People

Jon Stewart, Key Account Manager – Food Service


Our Promise

At The French’s Food Company, a promise made is a promise kept. Every single day. It means starting with only the finest real ingredients—and being diligent about eliminating the artificial ones. It means creating flavours that enable chefs to delight their guests. And it means conducting business with a belief that the good of our community always comes first. It’s a simple formula. But then, most of the best ideas are. And we promise you’re going to love the results.


The people behind our promise


The Growers

Long before a bottle of sauce is opened, a seed is sown into the earth. This is where flavour begins—under the watchful eye and delicate care of the Growers. Mustard, peppers, tomatoes and onions are cultivated in the ideal soil and sunlight and harvested at their peak of maturity.


Our Makers

Our Makers rely on state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities to ply their craft. Using time-honored processes, they carefully create the full-flavoured products that have come to define The French’s Food Company brands. And they do it with a nod to environmentally responsible practices.


The Masters

Inspiration meets creativity at the final stage. Enter the culinary Masters. They have the passion and expertise to bring out the kind of flavour that heightens the dining experience. We’re right there with them in the kitchen, providing all the products, insight and support they need